Calypso’s New Doctors Database is Live!

At Calypso, we are committed to providing our community with the tools necessary to rediscover wellness. Today we introduce the Calypso Doctors Database, a resource we’ve created to make the process of finding a doctor as simple as possible.

After registering with the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program Registry, you’ll need to find a doctor that can certify you have a qualifying medical condition. So, how do you find approved doctors in the state of Pennsylvania? Is there a way you can find one in your area, complete with their location and other relevant information? Yes, and yes.

With our Doctors Database, we’ve done all of the legwork for you. You can find registered medical marijuana doctors in Pennsylvania, along with their locations, websites, and more. To explore all of the doctors in your area, browse doctors by region or county. If you’re looking for someone specific, you can search them by name, zip code, or specialty.

You can even get directions or call to make an appointment using your mobile phone directly from our website. No more scrolling through lists or stopping to jot down notes. Our Doctors Database helps you along the process, from finding your doctor to making your first appointment—all in one place.

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to make this the most accurate resource available. That’s why we’ve taken the time to verify the information for every doctor in our database. Whenever we find one with missing information, we’ve added an icon, so you know what to expect. Plus, for doctors who don’t have a website, we’ve added a handy link that allows you to search Google for more information.

Try our Doctors Database today to help you find the best doctor for you and jumpstart the process of registering for Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program.

We’re committed to keeping our data as accurate as possible and plan to continue adding approved practitioners and updating information regularly. Feel free to reach out to us if you find any issues. We appreciate your input as we continue to make this resource even better.