The Countdown to the Calypso Product Launch Begins

The wait is (almost) over…

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing more specific information about when and where you’ll be able to find Calypso’s brand-new line of medical marijuana products! You can expect to find the following types of products on the shelf very soon:

  • Premium Flower
  • Premium Tinctures
  • Premium Live Concentrates
  • Premium Vape Cartridges (in your choice of CO2 Oil or Liquid Live Resin)

How will you know which product is best for you? Before deciding on your preferred consumption method, ask yourself what you are looking to treat. An approved medical marijuana practitioner or dispensary pharmacist can help you answer this question and discuss possible options with you.

When you get to the dispensary, you’ll notice that our products come in three unique varieties: Chill, Cruise, and Charge. At Calypso, we believe that the traditional, three-category system—based on indica, sativa, and hybrid strains—doesn’t fully predict what effects you may feel. So instead, our products come in Chill, Cruise, and Charge varieties that are based on terpene content we test for.


When you want to wind down, enjoy a relaxing night in, or get restful sleep, choose from Calypso’s Chill strains. Common effects users may experience with Chill strains include full body and mind relaxation as well as relief of tension and pain.


Sail through the day with a carefree mind and alert body with Calypso’s Cruise strains. Common effects users may experience with Cruise strains include a mellowed state-of-mind and mild physical relaxation, while easily remaining active and engaged.


For a boost of energy, motivation, and inspiration, get up and go with Calypso’s Charge strains.  Common effects users may experience with Charge strains include an engaged creative mind with a feeling of vitality and physical energy.

Look for Calypso products in your choice of Chill, Cruise, or Charge to choose strains based on the effects that will give you the most relief.

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Stay tuned!