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At Calypso, we strive to be the change we want to see in the world. We know it begins by creating a responsible and inclusive workforce.

Serving Our Community

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Charitable Sharing

10% of our net profits are earmarked for women, children, education, and self-sufficiency initiatives; job training; and community revitalization.

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PA Proud

We maintain a “community-first” mentality; looking local first for employees, vendors, goods and services before sourcing elsewhere.

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Highway My Way

We partner with the Adopt-A-Highway Program to provide beautification and upkeep for 2 miles of local roadway.

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Less Packaging

We utilize sustainable packaging materials and practice responsible agriculture and recycling processes to minimize our impact on local waste streams.

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Safety First

Our packaging is child-resistant and compliant with all Pennsylvania Department of Health packaging and labeling regulations.

Want to see how we did in 2021? Check out our 2021 Community Scorecard to learn more about the action we took to give back to our community.

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Our Good Neighbor Policy

provides residents contiguous to the facility transparency and information through direct contact and program information as well as an education in our facility’s requirements.

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Supporting Our Employees

Employees are our #1 resource and as such, are supported, empowered and cultivated as the leaders and innovators that they are. By supporting our employees, we put the human back into human resources .

We have developed and implemented a diversity strategy that supports a welcoming and inclusive workplace as well as community initiatives that appeal to all walks of life.

Employees are each incentivized and encouraged to complete a full day of volunteerism in the community.

Colored Pencils Representing Diversity