Meet the Team: Jordan

She’s an artist, a photographer, a certified mixologist, a self-described ‘crazy cat lady’ and not to mention, a valuable member of our team. Jordan walks around with spunky and playful energy that’s guaranteed to make you laugh. She’s the first to step up, volunteer, push her sleeves back and get the job done—with a smile of course. Born and raised in Erie, we are so grateful to have her on our team. To learn more about Jordan, check out our employee interview below:

How long have you worked at Calypso, and what’s your role?
“I’ve been with Calypso since July 1, 2019 and I’m a proud member of the Cultivation Team, which we jokingly refer to as Calypso Cult.”

How do you start your mornings and/or end your days at Calypso?
“Almost like clockwork, I walk in every morning to a fabulous greeting from Jamie, our Master of Custodial Arts! She usually gives me a hard time for not saying, ‘Good Morning, Jamie!’ enthusiastically enough. So, I’m working on that, but I’m not much of a morning person until COFFEE. Then it’s fist bumps, elbow knocks, and obnoxiously good whistling that echoes throughout the hallways for all my coworkers to enjoy!”

What’s surprised you most about working in the medical marijuana industry?
“I’ve been surprised by the number of people who work at Calypso or in the industry that are not medical marijuana patients themselves. You’d think everyone in this industry would have an MMJ card, but in fact, you’ll meet individuals who are simply passionate about this medicine and recognize and understand its potential to help others. There’s also so much diversity in this industry. I work with grandmothers, former dairy farm workers, retired ‘hippies’, college students, you name it. I think it’s amazing what medical marijuana can do for so many people.”

You shared that you are a medical marijuana patient, what’s your preferred method of treatment?
“I like to use vape cartridges for ease of dosage, but I’ll also use topical lotions and salves. And although THC edibles are not available in PA dispensaries, patients are allowed to cook with medical marijuana at home. So often, I’ll add a concentrate, specifically RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) to my meals. I like having a full spectrum of treatment methods. I find it’s ideal for someone like me who suffers from chronic, post-surgery back pain and anxiety.”

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?
“I’m a sucker for ‘warm and fuzzy’ commercials. I’ll cry during any commercial that has an animal or an elderly couple in it. Be it insurance, car dealerships, prune juice—doesn’t matter! If it’s cute and adorable, I’m tearing up!”

We also asked Jordan to share her passion about art and the role medical marijuana has played to spark her creativity. Here’s what she had to say:

“Without a doubt, medical marijuana helps with my chronic back pain, which allows me to physically create art and enjoy my creative process. For example, when I do an acrylic pour painting, I must stand over the canvas. When I’m medicated, I can stand for longer periods of time. Likewise, it helps ease my anxiety and allows my mind to be creative. I’m not bogged down with negative thoughts, instead I feel free and inspired. For me, it’s a holistic treatment—when I feel physically well to be creative and make something special, it brings my mental health into balance as well.”

Untitled artwork created by Jordan.